Viktoras is a Lithuanian World War II survivor who retired at 29 from teaching College Mathematics & Computer Systems, as well as, being a business consultant with the likes of the Apollo Mission, M.I.T., the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and Harvard, to pursue holistic lifestyles.  He is a member of the Physics honor society Sigma Pi SigmaDuring the last 40 years he’s worked on numerous projects.

· He pioneered the co-founding of the Hippocrates Health Institute with Dr. Ann Wigmore, also Lithuanian born, where he acted as Director of Research for the next 5 years.  Together, they taught people how to access the power of their vast inner resources to transform the quality of their lives.  The commitment to this idea is embodied in what is now the Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach, Florida.  Deemed the world’s number one teaching institute in 2000 by Spa Management Group, this historic and thriving center was founded by visionary and humanitarian, Dr. Ann Wigmore, and is currently under the leadership of Brian and Anna Maria Clement, PhDs.  For a half of a century, the Institute has helped hundreds of thousands of guests realize good health is every person’s birthright and that a life fee of disease and pain is our human legacy.  The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet—complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies—are integral to optimum health.


· Viktoras helped develop the Hippocrates Live Food Program that has helped millions around the world regain their health through living Wholistic lifestyles.


· He published the first wholistic lifestyle manual, Survival in the 21st Century (over 1/2 million in print).  The book documents from science with anecdotal clients, the successful treatment of cancer, leukemia, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, menstruation, colds, pain and more.  He also co-authored “Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity” with Dr. Howell, MD.



· Viktoras is the author of five books, and has contributed articles to many New Age journals among them, Vegetarian Voice, Vegetarian Times, Vegetarian World, Health Street Journal, and Alternatives.  Besides his best seller Survival in the 21st Century, he has authored Sprout for the Love of Everybody, Love Your Body, New Age Directory, Life Extension Recipes and Program and Don’t Dine Without Enzymes.  This year he will be releasing three new books.


· Viktoras travels extensively, and has given seminars for the World Symposium on Humanity in Canada and Australia and has lectured for over 10,000 hours at such events as the New Earth Exposition, the Whole Earth Festival, the World Vegetarian Congress, the Cancer Victims and Friends Convention, and others.


· He has developed over 60 super food supplements, authored eight other books, as well as, appearing in hundreds of articles.


· As a chef, he has served gourmet raw live food vegetarian feasts to over half a million people.  He is the discoverer of the now popular 7-day instant salad “Sunflower and Buckwheat Greens” and “Seed & Nut Cheeses’.  He pursues ongoing research in soil-less gardening, probiotic kitchen cuisine and Essene Biogenic Low Cost Diet.


Viktoras continues to lecture, teach and give consultations worldwide, as well as, offer retreats with Daniela in Montezuma, Costa Rica, where he resides most of the year.  For more information on his retreats visit  His other website is

Costa Rica Retreat

in 2010


Joyce truly is a pioneer in raw living foods.  During her thirty-four year career as a natural healer she has empowered thousands of people throughout the world to transform their health through the living-food lifestyle.  Throughout the first decade of her life as a raw foodist, Joyce was closely mentored by Raw Food Heroes Dr. Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas.  Today she travels nationally and internationally to help people transform their lives spiritually, emotionally and physically through the methods handed down to her by living-food sages.  “My life after 30 years of experiencing and living the Live Food Lifestyle has been one of deep personal fulfillment, self-awareness, higher consciousness, peace of mind and vibrant health,” Joyce said.  “Each day I awaken with love and joy in my heart and a deep feeling of God within me.”


Joyce is dynamic, warm and engaging as she shares her experiences and expertise on natural healing through live foods, nutrition, and internal detoxification.  Her books, classes, workshops and retreats have inspired thousands of people worldwide to make the choices and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve vibrant health.  Joyce is a Certified Naturopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant and I Act Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Instructor.  Her passion and dedication to the healing power of the raw and living foods lifestyle comes from a deeply personal and heartfelt place.  She turned to the lifestyle to address a painful health challenge in 1980 after reading  “Be Your Own Doctor” by Dr. Ann Wigmore and “Survival Into the 21st Century” by Viktoras Kulvinskas.  These books—her introduction to the idea of using raw, live food to heal the body—had been given to her by a dear friend who practiced the lifestyle with her family.  Joyce had been a vegetarian for several years and couldn’t help but notice the vibrant health and joy that was so pervasive in her friend’s family but she was not immediately ready to become a raw foodist.   A year after she received the books, her own painful struggle with fibroid tumors and depression began and she turned to the raw living foods lifestyle for help.


“The tumors were causing me to lose a lot of blood and I was weak from anemia.  I was going through a divorce and was also experiencing feelings of depression.  As I drove home from the doctor’s office with my diagnosis I began to think about what I had read in Dr. Ann Wigmore’s and Viktoras Kulvinskas’ books.  I wondered if the body really could heal itself,” Joyce said.


In 1980 this line of thinking was somewhat radical; and yet, I thought, maybe I really could do this.  I walked into my house and picked up Dr. Ann’s book.  I found the phone number to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, MA which she had founded in the late 1960’s and decided to make a phone call that ultimately changed my life’s course.


“I spoke personally with Dr. Ann and I could feel her compassion and love for me.  As I listened to her wise words I was overcome by the feeling that I needed to go to Boston and meet her.  I arrived at Hippocrates Health Institute in the fall of 1980 with the hope my body would be healed.  I had no idea I was about to have the most profound experience of my life.  I could not imagine that, in addition to physical healing, I would experience an amazing level of energy, clarity, peace of mind, well-being, and spirituality unlike anything I had ever known before.


“After just two weeks at Dr. Ann’s Institute in Boston my tumors had dissolved and my anemia was abating.  I had my energy back and I no longer felt depressed.  In fact, I felt as though I was looking at the world through someone else’ eyes and experiencing life through someone else’s body.  My recovery was so amazing that I felt a burning desire to learn everything I could about natural healing through raw living foods.  I wanted to make sure I would continue to feel as healthy, happy and energized at home as I did at the Institute.


Looking back to the that time, I now see the fibroids and depression as a blessing in disguise.  I feel extremely grateful for my experiences and that I now have the privilege of teaching, supporting, and motivating others on the amazing path of optimal health and wellness.”


After her amazing healing experience Joyce dedicated herself to becoming an expert in the field of living foods and raw nutritional healing.  In 1987, she was trained and became certified in the Health Practioners Program by Dr. Ann Wigmore.  She studied intimately and was mentored intensively by Dr. Ann and Viktoras Kulvinskas, both of whom have received international acclaim for their work in the area of living foods nutrition.


Joyce used her personal experiences and training from the living food masters to open Health Horizons, a center in Brighton, MI dedicated to promoting the many benefits of living foods.  She has contributed greatly to the field of raw foods nutrition.  In 1986 Dr. Ann selected Joyce to be the President of the Midwest Living Foods Association.  In 1987 Joyce collaborated with Dr. Ann in the development of the Health Practitioners Program for the Hippocrates Health Institute.  Joyce also is a past director of the Creative Health Institute in Union City, MI.  Joyce shares the story of her journey to health and happiness with the sincerest hope that it will inspire and empower many people to actively pursue true vitality, optimal health and blissful happiness.  Check out her new website

Joyce with her daughter,

Terri VanDale—1986

Sunny Seed Pate’

Raw Pizza

Summer 2011—Joyce at

Creative Health Institute


Carrot & Beet Salad

in Costa Rica

Eating around the pool at Joyce’s Retreat in Costa Rica

Raw Food Workshop

Ann Arbor—1989

2010 Costa Rica

Live Food Retreat

1986-Joyce & her Mother gathered with staff at CHI

We are excited to present Viktoras Kulvinskas and Joyce Oliveto as our guest speakers this year’s EcoFest.