My Life was touched very deeply many years ago by a Dr. Ann Wigmore.  Some of you may not have heard of Dr. Ann... well we would not have wheatgrass if was not for Dr. Ann Wigmore!  She was way ahead of her time and touched many thousands of lives while she was alive.  Since her passing Dr. Ann is continuing to bring awareness to the world through her many followers.  Her teachings have and continue to be passed on by generations of authors, natural healthcare practitioners, doctors & lecturers worldwide.  You now can be a guest/student at Living Food Educational/Healing Centers worldwide.  Simply Google Live or Raw Foods... the list is endless.

   I was very fortunate not only to be mentored by Dr. Ann, we also became close friends.  We enjoyed many special times traveling together.  Her humor and beautiful smile leaves such sweet memories and smiles in my heart...and lingering in my mind.

 Dr. Ann opened Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston MA in the mid fifties.  The beautiful old seven story brick brownstone was the first thing I saw when the cab driver drove up to the corner of Commonwealth and Exeter Blvd. in the spring of 1980.  I had no idea how much my life would change.  Dr. Ann was the first to develop practical sprouting of grains and seeds.  She also developed indoor gardening in trays using sunflower seeds, buckwheat groats, peas, and more to grow nutritious and delicious greens.  Dr. Ann held a Doctorate of Divinity, Psychology & Philosophy and had a degree in Naturopathy.  “We need to work as a family for healthy generations, through genuine and sincere interest and a strong commitment to the Living Foods Lifestyle."  Dr. Ann started the first Living Foods Newsletter, THE LIVING FOODS FAMILY JOURNAL (hard copy of course), she wrote "The Living Foods Family Journal is filled with the latest news, recipes, current events, and newsworthy articles.  It's purpose is to keep you in touch with one another so that we can all continue to work as a Living Foods team to make necessary changes in society through total health and well being by being examples to the world.”

   She sure has accomplished this  mission and so much more then she dreamed... mmm as I think about it,  she had to know what would happen.  Several thousand followers of all ages, are doing exactly what she asked and always dreamed of.

   At the age of 84 she still ran up and down the stairs all day.  She had the spirit of a child and held the wisdom of the ages.  Dr. Ann died from smoke inhalation, in a fire at the Ann Wigmore Foundations' Living Foods Center, a beautiful brownstone next door to her beloved Hippocrates Health Institute.  She was found on the floor of the bathroom with water running in the bathtub and a bucket near her side.  Those of us that knew her personally were not surprised that she would stay to try ad put out the fire.  Everyone else  had left the building.

Thank you Dr. Ann for all you have done and all you continue to do. 

Dr. Ann Wigmore 3/02/1909 to 2/14/1994. —Joyce Oliveto

Dr. Ann Wigmore

in Puerto Rico

Dr. Ann Wigmore at her Hippocrates

Health Institute in Boston, Mass.